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Some Nice Kogswell P/Rs

Kogswell P/R mk2's are starting to trickle out, and several photos have made their way onto the interweb -- here are a few of my favs that lean more towards the rando end of things...

Kogswell P/R
Originally uploaded by mjenk20236

Kogswell P/R II
Originally uploaded by Passhunter

These two bikes are first-generation P/Rs that are built up as nice rando bikes...

kogswell p/r
Originally uploaded by thee arbitrary sloganeer

Originally uploaded by dagoldenberg

More photos at the Kogswell Photo Pool at Flickr...



Planet Bike Super Spot -- Discontinued?

Looks like Planet Bike has axed the Super Spot 1-watt LED bike headlamp.

That's too bad, because although it isn't perfect, I thought it was one of the better sub-$50 LED headlamps available.

Of course, now I'm wondering if they'll be coming out with an improved model?!?


Bike For Sale!

For Sale: 1985 Bridgestone 400 (23-inch/57-58cm)

A friend of mine recently acquired this all-original, mint 1985
Bridgestone 400 bicycle, but unfortunately it's way too small for him
(seller mis-measured things). As a result, he's interested in passing
the bike on to a new owner. The catch is, he's leaving town in two
days (he's in downtown San Francisco on business until 12/12) and
wants to sell the bike before he heads back home. As a result, no
reasonable offer will be refused! He's asked for my help to quickly
find a new home for this bike. It's in really good shape for its age
with all the original components, and looks to have been barely
ridden. Contact me with offers or for more information. Several photos
and more information are available here.

Update: this item is no longer available. Thanks for looking!