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Some Nice Kogswell P/Rs

Kogswell P/R mk2's are starting to trickle out, and several photos have made their way onto the interweb -- here are a few of my favs that lean more towards the rando end of things...

Kogswell P/R
Originally uploaded by mjenk20236

Kogswell P/R II
Originally uploaded by Passhunter

These two bikes are first-generation P/Rs that are built up as nice rando bikes...

kogswell p/r
Originally uploaded by thee arbitrary sloganeer

Originally uploaded by dagoldenberg

More photos at the Kogswell Photo Pool at Flickr...



Blogger cyclofiend said...

nice looking rigs - hope you aren't drooling too much! I couldn't recall - did you order the fender set with yours? Kogswell gets some pretty impressive coverage on theirs. hope you see yours soon! - jim

5:43 PM  
Blogger thechammp said...

the Kogswell website still list the bike as coming with fenders painted to match. Hope that doesn't change.

8:26 AM  

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