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Mixter Mixter

I did a really nice mixter loop on Saturday. I rode out through Sausalito with a couple of friends, then parted from them and headed to Mill Valley, up RR Grade to West Point Inn (elevation 1780'), down Old Stage Road, turned left onto Panoramic, Straight at Four Corners to Hwy1, Right onto Hwy1, left turn onto Miwok Trail (620'), took Miwok out to Coastal (1031'), dropped down to Tenn Valley (200'), back up into the Headlands via Marincello (880'), down Bobcat (100'). Then rode out Bunker Rd. through the tunnel (230'), to the GGB, and back home. Total trip door-to-door was almost exactly 50 miles, and I got back around 6pm. It was _really_ hot on Mt. Tam -- I felt dizzy at least a couple of times. When I arrived in Tennessee Valley, I was tempted to take the paved road back over to Sausalito, but didn't feel like dealing with the climb out back up to the bridge from there. So I figured I'd ride slowly off-road through the Marin Headlands instead. Problem there is, I didn't eat enough and got to feeling really tired at the top of that first climb, so I took a good 30 minutes off the bike for an extended recovery/sit-down. It felt really good to do an extended off-road ride, and I'm looking forward to more soon!

 A good trail map of where I rode can be had at http://marinbike.org/Map/SideA.pdf



You Know What?!?

I just realized that it's mixed-terrain season!!!

Jim takes the plunge