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Treque 1050B

Treque 1050B by jimgskoop
Treque 1050B, a photo by jimgskoop on Flickr.

Originally a 1992 Trek 400, now hot-rodded into a rando bike with a Kogswell low-trail fork, 650B wheels, a Zugster rando bag, and a custom/hand-made decaleur.

The bike was just finished getting built up the night before this photo, and here we're about to set out on the maiden ride.

Rides REALLY nicely and fits perfectly -- but shimmies as much as my Kogswell P/R. I guess it's just me!

(BTW, this is Phase 3, complete)


Custom Decaleur for the Trek 1050B

Other side viewPokey MeltyDecaleur in progressDecaleur in progressDecaleur in progressDecaleur quick-release
Arms.Panda ViewDecky-lureDecky-lure other sideDrilled and SlottingClamped.
Side ViewTop ViewNeeds to soakRear clamp view

Custom Decaleur, a set on Flickr.

I didn't ride this weekend, because I was busy building a decaleur for my Trek 400 + 650B project.

The bike itself is basicaly built -- all it needs is cabling and the fork's steerer cut down. However, when I built up my Kogswell P/R, I assembled the bike and then later added a front rack and bag. To my dismay, I realized that the cable routing was non-ideal with the front rack and bag, and learned the hard way that it's probably best to install the cables last, after everything else is installed on the bike. That cable issue is even more significant on this Trek, since I'm planning to use bar-end shifters with the housing running fully under the bar tape, exiting next to the stem. There will be 4 cables (2 brake, 2 shifter) competing with the decaleur for space under the stem.

So, I've been sidetracked a bit with this build while I sort out these bag details. I've wanted to build a decaleur like this for quite some time -- I'd been saving the cut-off excess from my Kogswell's 1-1/8 inch fork for a few years, planning to use it as a headset spacer-plus-bag-support like this. It's exciting to see my mental picture evolve into something concrete and useful!