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#002 Done!

#002 Done!
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Gino's rack is DONE. Next up, powder coating!


Out of it for a while...

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Went skiing last weekend in Colorado, crashed, and my left collarbone went "pop". No bike-riding for me for a few weeks at least. See the full photo set here...

Hmm. Apparently I have an anterior dislocation of the sternoclavicular joint. More details at http://www.eorthopod.com/content/sternoclavicular-joint-problems.

And this is what I feel to the letter:

In rare cases, patients have a stable joint but a painful clicking, grating, or popping feeling. This indicates an injury to the intra-articular disc ligament. This type of injury causes pain and problems moving the SC joint.

Oh, fun! :(


More LoFi Bike Racks

Warms the cockles of my heart...

Oven racks!

Soda crates!

Dual-position Dropout Fork

This is mildly interesting, even though it's for fixed-gear freestyle, which I'm too old for...


San Francisco Randonneurs 2011 Brevet Schedule

The San Francisco Randonneurs 2011 brevet schedule is online at: http://sfrandonneurs.org/home.htm

Our first event is on January 22nd. If you have interest in riding this event, you might want to hurry. For this ride only, there is a rider limit (due to NPS rules) and while we aren't full yet, we will fill up before the date.

Registration can be done online or via paper/mail: http://sfrandonneurs.org/registration.htm

Note too that the calendar below is just the start. We are in the planning stages to add four more events for 2011, two of which will be at the 100km distance (Proposed Populaire dates under discussion are in late June and in October. Check the SFR website soon for exact dates.)

2011 Schedule

DistanceDateStart TimeTime Limit
Point Reyes 200kSat, 01/22/20117:00 AM13.5 hours
2 Rock/Valley Ford 200kSat, 02/12/20117:00 AM13.5 hours
Russian River 300kSat, 02/26/20116:00 AM20 hours
Healdsburg/Hopland 400kSat, 04/09/20116:00 AM27 hours
Fleche (360k +)Thu, 04/21/2011 *8:00 AM24 hours
Ft. Bragg 600kSat, 05/07/20116:00 AM40 hours
Davis Night 200kSat, 06/04/20118:00 PM13.5 hours
TBA 200kSat, 08/06/20117:00 AM13.5 hours
Winters 200kSat, 10/08/20117:00 AM13.5 hours

#002 Almost Done

Front View
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Spent time over the weekend filing and sanding Gino's porteur rack. Just need to sort out the needed type/dimensions of the back stop, plus maybe braze on some guides for the head lamp wire. Check out the construction process via the whole photo set.


Pieces Parts

Pieces Parts
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Finally got the stuff to build that fixed-gear rear wheel of my dreams...


EOY Wrap Up

Totals for 2010...

3474 Miles

Mileage per Bike:
* Kogswell: 1414 miles (ridden 17 times for 40.7% of yearly distance)
* Fuji: 362 miles (ridden 6 times for 10.4% of yearly distance)
* Trek400: 124 miles (ridden 4 times for 3.6% of yearly distance)
* BontyRL: 150 miles (ridden 4 times for 4.3% of yearly distance)
* Nsport: 1424 miles (ridden 32 times for 41% of yearly distance)

Interesting that the rando and commute bikes have nearly equal mileage!

More details here.



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From Gino.

Almost Done

Gino's Rack in Progress
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Nearing completion on a mini-porteur rack for Gino...