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La Ruta Loca Randonnee (LRLR)
When: Saturday, July, 11th, 2009 at 6:00am
Where: Marina Safeway Start (15 Marina Blvd, San Francisco)

Description: 2009 edition of the original NorCal mixed-terrain event, La Ruta Loca Randonnee! ~15000 ft. in 124 miles of fireroads and pavement. No cheating no excuses. This is NOT a race but a self-flagellation ordeal.

Full details here. Cue sheet here.

Last year's ride report and some details on the origins of this route.


A Mini-Review: Tektro RL-520 vs Dia-Compe 287-V brake levers

New Brake Lever Day!
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I just replaced the Dia-Compe 287-V levers on my CX bike with the newer Tektro RL-520 levers. Overall, I like the Tektro levers quite a bit more than the Dia-Compes: the hoods are fatter/taller and nicer to grab onto; the levers are much better -- their spooned/curved shape offers improved braking from the hoods and the extra length and width works better from the drops; and of course no stupid friction-adding metal cable noodles under the lever bodies! The downsides to the 520s are: you need a REALLY long 5mm hex wrench to fit down inside the bodies to tighten them onto the handlebars; the bodies are made of plastic, not metal, and the notch for the cable could be shaped a bit better -- my desired lever position caused an additional curve in the cable due to this that increases friction slightly. Overall, though -- especially given the fact that the Tektros are half the cost of the DCs -- I like the Tektros MUCH better!

PS. Here's a tip/trick: An old, grubby computer mouse pad -- the kind that are made from 1/4" foam rubber -- cut into strips makes a SUPERBE additional cushioning layer under your handlebar tape. Tack it to your bars using duct tape, then wrap with your favorite top layer. Sweet!


Stinson Beach Mixter Ride

On Bobcat Trail
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I'm trying to get back in the habit of blogging about the rides I do...been somewhat lax on that lately! On Saturday I met up with Greg and Carlos at 7am at the Golden Gate Bridge. We'd planned to do Carlos' La Baby Ruta Loca route, but switched things up at the last minute. We rolled across the bridge, up Conzelman Rd, took up Bobcat Trail through the Marin Headlands, then jogged through Mill Valley and hopped on Old Railroad Grade up to West Point Inn, where we took a break. We dropped down to Pantoll Range Station for water, after which Carlos turned back due to a twinging knee. Greg and I forged ahead, dropping down Coastal Trail towards Hwy 1 then heading north along the coast, exploring the Steep Ravine camping area and passing through Stinson Beach. We climbed back up over Bolinas Ridge via BoFax Rd to Alpine Dam, continued on BoFax to Fairfax, where we rolled homewards via the usual paved route. 6:30am to 5:30pm, around 83 miles.



New Project Frame

1992 Trek 400
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I finally found a big frame for an upcoming project! Say hello to my new-to-me 1992 Trek 400 frameset in the 24-inch size (about 61cm center-to-top with a 58cm top tube). I'm undecided whether I want a 700Cx28mm sport-tourer, or a low-trail 650B rando bike. I'm going to experiment with both of those options using this frame as a basis. Got several other projects in the queue first (3x LED dyno bike light, Bontrager Race Light, etc.)....