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Another Bike Light

Bright little sucker
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Battery powered this time! More photos & info; see also.

UPDATE: I tested this light for the first time last night. WOW does it work great! This lil' guy is easily as bright as my original dual-Cree light on medium, maybe even brighter. And the angled lens/hood really does help to focus the light down onto the pavement, especially helping to light up the dead zone directly in front of the bike that usually occurs with most spot-type beams. Until I figure out a true ECE-style beam design, I'll be using this design for any future lights!


To Petaluma with Gabe and Back Again Solo; Another Century Ride

Gabe was heading up to Santa Rosa, and I tagged along until Petaluma. 103 miles total, 9am to about 6pm.


Zugster Rando Bag Color Ideas

Some quick-n-durty Photoshopped photos to suss out the colors for my recently ordered Zugster Front Rando Bag. I like the version with black pocket-flaps best; it keeps the red subtle.


Point Reyes Station Loop

My Bike
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Carlos and I rode to Point Reyes Station via Nicasio. Hit up the Bovine Bakery for snacks (I had a still-warm gooey-goodness Morning Bun AND a giant slice of Blueberry Buttermilk Scone), stopped in at Black Mountain Cycles to say hello to Mike and ogle at some sweet bikes (including a nice new Salsa Fargo and a vintage WTB), and then encountered some rain on the return home. 85 miles or so, 8am to 5pm.


First Mixter Ride of 2009

Railroad Grade
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Met up with Carlos, Greg, and Robbins to check out a new mixed-terrain route that Greg has charted. Ended up slogging through 66 miles of mixter goodness, from 8am to 5pm. Tried a new stem on the Fuji to good effect.

Here's the route, mapped by Carlos' handy GPS logger.


Sack Salve

I love this stuff!


DIY Dynohub-powered LED bike light

Bike Light Parts
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Over the weekend, I assembled my accumulated parts into a simple LED bike light, powered by a dynohub. Click on the photo for the parts breakdown...