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2007.06.24 - 650B Group Ride

650B Triad
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30 mile mixed-terrain ride with a group from the 650B list. Carlos (26incher) and I (700Cer) vicariously joined in. Rode about 30 miles and met some nice folks, got reacquainted with some others. 9am-1pm.

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2007.06.23 - Olema Valley Trail Ride

Mt. Tam Watershed
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82 mixed-terrain miles with Carlos, Greg, and Mike to Olema Valley Trail by way of Fairfax, BoFax Rd, Bolinas Ridge Trail, Randall Trail, Olema Valley Trail, Olema, SP Taylor Park, then back home. 8am to 5pm.



As per the last entry, I recently re-shod my Fuji CX with its mixed-terrain tires, 700x38 WTB All-Terrainasarus. These are the same set of tires I ran last year. When I stuck them back on the bike and remounted the wheels, I was surprised to find that the rear wheel is now off-center, the non-drive side of the wheel is closer to the chainstay by 1-2mm than the non-drive side. I'm perplexed because -- to the best of my recollection -- this wasn't a problem last year, and again, these are the same tires and wheels I've used before. No significant crashes, no rear wheel wobbles, no bent rear axle, nothing. It's not a dish-issue because flipping the wheel around results in the same misalignment. I did the string-test on the frame last night and it checks out straight there, too. Even tried a different wheel, same deal.

Tweaking the wheel a little before clamping down on the QR straightens things out enough, but I'm just utterly confounded as to why this is happening -- since I'm damn sure this wasn't a problem last season. And when you're running fat tires in a CX frame (I've only got ~2mm clearance at the chainstays as it is), every millimeter counts!


2007.06.03 - West Point Inn Mixed-Terrain Ride

Fuji CX @ Hoo Koo E Koo
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Met up with Carlos for my first mixed-terrain ride of 2007. We rode through Mill Valley to Old Railroad Grade up to West Point Inn; then down Mt. Tam via Deer Park Fire Road, then back down to Mill Valley for lunch at Grilly's, then back home. 45 miles total, 9am to about 2pm.