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Camino Alto Ride

30 mile ride with Carlos across the GGB, thru Sausalito, and up Camino Alto.

Date: 5.20.2006
Mileage: 30
Bike: ADVN
Time: 2:30pm-4:30pm


New tread for the Cdale

Alternate side view
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I dug through my stash of tires and pulled these gems out last weekend -- they're some old Continental Explorer Pros with a spiffy orange tread. I've been riding this bike on mixed-terrain Marin Headlands rides with Carlos, and the previous tires I was using (Specialized Nimbus) just weren't cutting it in the dirt, so I figured I'd try these. Explorer Pros are definitely not cross-terrain tires, but I'm hoping the smaller knobbies won't buzz too much on the pavement.

New Bike! (sorta)

Side view
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I finally finished building up the 1985 Stumpjumper Sport that I traded a cut-out BB shell for. I saw a posting on SF Craigslist from a guy looking for trashed bikes to cut up -- turns out he needed a BB shell to use as a bearing assembly for a homemade wood lathe he was building. I just happened to have a junker bike in the basement (donated some frame tubes for the limobike) so I was happy to help him out. He gave me this frame in return, saying it wasn't something he could bear to cut up for parts, but that he'd never use it, either. I'd wanted a largish, early-model MTB frame to build up with m-bars into an all-rounder for some time, so it was a perfect trade. The bike's built up with a Terry saddle and platform pedals for my wife to ride...hopefully. Here's a similar bike at the First Flight Bicycles MTB museum website.