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Furiously Fancying a Folding Fixie!

[note: I mentioned this on the iBOB list, but it's been lingering around long enough in my brain that I'm featuring it again here...]

On their web site, Performance Bike has the single-speed/coaster-braked Dahon Boardwalk S1 on sale for $179.97.

Looks like it might be a good candidate for fixed-gear conversion!

And I found a blog post where the owner describes chopping off the "T" handlebar/stem and
replacing it with a normal threadless stem and handlebars, claiming better
handling and improved stability:

Oddly, the Dahon Boardwalk S1 isn't listed at Dahon's web site -- is it an older model, or perhaps a European-only model?

I've always been curious about folders, and this seems like a cheap entry


Blogger C. Duque said...

Contact J Gaerlan (http://gaerlan.com) I would think he can create a single speed Dahon for you cheaper than what it would cost you to do the conversion yourself.

9:04 PM  
Blogger Gustavo said...

See - I told you you wanted a bike that transforms. Now to find a Dahon with a robot mode. ;)

12:13 PM  
Blogger Fritz said...

I've never tried this particular model, but the problem with cheap entry models is that you try it, hate it, and decide all folder suck.

4:02 PM  

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