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Taking the Plunge

After hemming and hawing, obsessing and compulsing for the better part of a week, I finally gave in and took the plunge. I just ordered a Kogswell 700C P/R frameset from Trinity Bicycles. Plunking down the moolah for this is a leap of blind faith, since finalized details of this frame haven't yet been made public, nor has a photo of the finished frame set been produced. In fact, the forks for these frames are still somewhere on their way to the US from Taiwan, I think. However, this frameset basically represents the ultimate fat-tire-capable iBOB bike, and since the 700C-wheeled version is only going to be made in seriously limited numbers (reported:20), and since this frame is just my size (59cm), I wanted to get my foot in early to secure one!

We'll see what happens next!



Anonymous beth h said...

Have you been given an ETA for your Kogswell?
I know they've been plagued before by open-ended delivery times and I'm just curious.

7:47 AM  
Blogger Jim G said...

Quoting from this KOG message...

"The 59 x 700Cs need forks, which will ship, along with the
rest of the frames, next week."

I'm assuming that means they'll ship _from Taiwan_ next week.

So yeah, no real ETA as of yet.

8:18 AM  
Blogger cyclofiend said...

Wow! Big step there Jim! Can't wait to see it and help get it all trail-dusty!

4:46 PM  
Blogger Jim G said...

This thread from the KOG list is particularly interesting...

10:21 AM  

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