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OK, so I finally went bike-camping...

Twin Tents
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Carlos, Greg, and I rode up to Bodega Bay, camped overnight, and then rode back the next day. 79 miles the first day, 153 miles total; total trip took around 33 hours. My rack-obsessing paid off -- the racks worked quite well -- and my gear choices weren't horrible for a newbie, though I was a bit cold during the night, and I definitely need some sort of sleeping pillow. The most difficult part of the trip was the first day's ride, it was what I now call brevet hard. I was super-tired and my brain was rather sluggish by the end of the day. The second day's riding seemed to go a bit more easily (tailwinds on Highway One, perhaps?) though I think I drank so much Gatorade that it started to make me a bit queasy and bloated. Carbs overload?

Full set of photos here. Carlos has some additional photos and Greg has a few as well.


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