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Rack Update

Fuji CX with racks and gear
Originally uploaded by jimgskoop
So I decided to go with the cross bike with front & rear mini-racks. Yesterday evening I fabricated some 15-inch-long struts for the Nitto R-10 rear rack, and then after installing them decided that shorter struts mounted further up the seat stays might be stiffer/better. So I took them off, and then I made a set of 11-inch struts. I installed those, then decided that the seat stays on this frame are pretty flexy and I was wary about clamping anything mid-span...so I took off the second set of stays and reinstalled the longer set.

I used my new four-pound sledgehammer to smush the ends of the 0.25-inch aluminum rod flat so I could drill M5-sized mounting holes. I'm a little worried that I overdid this, and now the ends of the struts are too thin. I have a contingency plan if this happens, just need to remember to bring an extra Mafac brake-pad eyebolt along.

Yes, I am a bit obsessive and indecisive about this stuff. Good thing I bought 6-feet of aluminum rod to make lots of struts!

Here is the bike with the front and rear racks installed, plus some of the camping gear I will be bringing along: sleeping bag on front rack, tent and sleeping pad on the rear.

I also relocated my Planet Bike Super Flash rear blinky light down to the left dropout, mounting it onto the same bolt that secures the P-clamp there. Pretty clever, I thought.

I still need to pack the extra clothing I'll be bringing, and figure out where to carry it on the bike. I'll do that tonight.

Aside from the crap I normally lug around, here's a tentative packing list. (?) indicates tentative item:

* extra pair of cycling shorts
* extra cycling jersey (? or handwash worn one)
* 1 light fleece vest
* 1 light wool longsleeved top
* extra pair of socks
* 1 pair of underwear
* 1 pair of cycling tights or thermal bottoms
* pair of street pants or shorts?
* wind shell jacket
* 1 pair shoe/toe covers
* 1 pair glove liners
* wool cycling cap
* cable/padlock
* toothbrush/toothpaste/floss
* Rx eyeglasses
* small bar soap
* deodorant
* camp towel
* flip flops
* sunscreen
* bug repellent spray
* PT EOS headlamp
* extra gatoraide powder


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