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Bad Caltrain Day

Yesterday was a bad day for bike commuting on Caltrain for me. In the morning, I arrived early for the 8:14 AM southbound bullet train out of 4th & King in SF, only to get bumped from that train onto the slower next train at 8:19 AM (a limited) due to the single bike car being full.

Then, I ended up having to work late that evening, missing both the 7:00 PM and 7:09 PM northbound trains from the Mountain View station. The next train isn't until 8:29 PM -- again I arrived at the station with time to spare, only to get bumped from that train -- the conductor wouldn't allow more than 3 of the 7 or 8 waiting bike commuters to board the train, stating that the bike car was full.

That's fine by me, shit happens.

However, the 5 of us that were stranded in Mountain View for another hour (the next train was scheduled for 9:29 PM) were mightily pissed off when we noticed, as the train started moving again, the second EMPTY bike car midway back along the train's length. Thanks to that asshole conductor for not telling us about the second bike car! I called and filed a complaint with Caltrain customer service, I doubt anything will come of it, but whatever.

I finally got home at midnight. Today I took the Y! shuttle instead.


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