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A Life-Long Friend

36 Years
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In a fit of nostalgia, I was recently thinking about how I've now lived in California for ten years (as of last July 11th -- and tangentially, how that date had come and gone without me noticing it), and how, although I moved to this fine state with a small collection of bicycles, only one of those bikes still shares my roof (my RB-1). I tend to buy or acquire things fairly carefully and specifically, and don't often relinquish them; therefore when something and I part ways, it feels significant somehow. In the same way yanking off a big scab wakes you up.

And then today, randomly procrasto-surfing on Flickr, I come across this photo of (clearly) someone's favorite bike. I've had my RB-1 only thirteen years and I hope in another twenty-three I can clip a sign like this to it. Here's to just keeping your head down and pushing those pedals. Kudos and amen!


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