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"Innovate or Die"?

Specialized Bicycles down in Morgan Hill is being all high-n-mighty since they got off their asses and actually rode their bikes to Interbike this year. Yeah, that's pretty cool, but truly if "Mike Sinyard is passionate about finding pedal powered solutions to help offset climate change" then they really should've done this ride on loaded touring bikes and without a support van.

That would've been REALLY impressive.

Oh wait, does Specialized even make a loaded touring bike anymore?



Blogger Hjalti said...

Innovate or pose.

4:34 PM  
Anonymous alex wetmore said...

I really hate it when individuals or companies claim to be green by "bicycle touring" somewhere with a support van.

It would be more efficient for the environment to just put all of the people and the bikes into the support van. Less calories would need to be consumed.

The best one was a Ron Paul supported who posted on the touring list last fall about setting up such a tour. They were going to use electric bikes and have a support RV to ride across the Southwest. Trying to get out the message that Ron Paul is green while actually consuming more power than if they had just driven a small (potentially biodiesel or other alternative fuel powered) bus.

The guy didn't understand my issues with their trip.

8:39 AM  

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