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Broken Waltworks Fork
Originally uploaded by bundokbiker
I'm glad this fork isn't mine...but I still sympathize when this happens. Stress risers at the welded joints, perhaps?


Blogger cyclofiend said...

That's just scary-looking. Hope the rider made it through that.

Couple thoughts after looking at the full-sized originals.

First, both breaks appear to begin inside the TIG weld. It also seems like those welds are really small - almost like there was a semi-fillet finish. You have to ask the "overheated?" question, or the "enough joint material?" question.

Then, since there don't seem to be any canti studs on the fork legs, you gotta assume disc brakes, which begs the question, "why?" I would reckon those legs flexed long and deep with each grab of the front brake.

Hard to estimate how long the crack had been propogating. The one on the upper leg in the photo seems to have oxidation on the metal layer, indicating that the paint had begun to flake. I hope that would've gotten my attention.

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