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Commute Much?

A while back, I rode out to Point Reyes Station with a friend. At one point, we were passed by a Hot Tri Babe on a carbon racing bike with aero bars. As I was riding back home near Larkspur, close to dusk and after my compatriot had split off to head for home, I crossed paths with her again. As we rode along, she asked me where I was headed. "San Francisco" said I. She then asked where I'd ridden to. "Just to Point Reyes" I replied. "The lighthouse?" she asked -- "No, just the town" I returned. "Oh, nice" she said. Finally she queried "Commute much?" probably eyeing my fenders, lights, bike luggage, and various bits of reflective gear... "When I get the chance" I replied. Only later did I realize that she probably assumed that I commuted on that bike, although I have another bike which is dedicated to that task.

I find it telling that people -- even "hard core" cyclists -- assume that if your bike has lights and fenders, it must be for commuting. Because, you know, why else would anyone be out riding at night?!?


Blogger cyclofiend said...

I've gotten the "other" version of that:

Was riding a fendered and racked UJB commute bike and passed a fellow on the MV path who was rode more of an open-wheeled racer. Heard someone breathing behind me for a while, and when we stopped for the Blithedale light, he said, "...man, you must own a good bike too!"

At the time, that was my only road bike. When I told him that, I got the spit-take, vacant stare of disbeleif.

7:44 AM  
Blogger scott said...

> "...man, you must own a good bike too!"

Snort! :-)

I got the same reaction at an LBS when we were discussing a problem with my fender'd Univega. The mechanic said something ending with "...since it's only for commuting." I said something about wanting to do longer rides on it, and got befuddled silence in response.

1:27 PM  
Blogger Fritz said...

Down in the South Bay I see plenty of road bikes equipped with clip on fenders these days, though proper commuting bikes (and tourers & rando bikes used for commuting) are getting more popular too.

11:22 AM  

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