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Labels Lie!

When it comes to tires, wider is better! In that spirit, I recently posted to the iBOB list, looking for a used set of 700x28 tires to see if they'd fit on one of my bikes.

The bike in question currently wears 700x23 Hutchinson Excel tires which measure around 24mm wide on Open Pro rims. Although the frame and fork have clearance for perhaps 30-32mm rubber, that width is constrained by the max opening of the RX100 brake calipers using the integral quick-releases AND screwing down the brake-cable barrel adjusters: 28mm. (A Tangent: I wish somebody would produce an inline cable quick-release mechanism for these situations! Problem Solvers, are you listening?!?)

In response to my quest, a very kind iBOB list-member contacted me, expressing his desire to divest his garage of an overgrown stash of bike parts and tires, indicating that he had a couple pairs of tires in that size range that he'd gladly send my way, gratis. I was overjoyed! The tires arrived about a week later, and I marveled at the fact that they were near-new with no detectable wear! I was sent a set of 700x28 wire-bead Continental Sport 1000s and a set of 700x26 folding Panaracer Stradius Elite tires.

Last night, in anticipation of a break in the pouring rain we've been having and a chance to maybe get out for a ride, I test-mounted these tires. Here's the results:

700x23 Hutchinson Excel, actual measure ~24mm
700x26 Panaracer Stradius Elite, actual measure ~23mm
700x28 Continental Sport 1000, actual measure ~24mm

Sheesh, it's back to the drawin' board... As ol' Charlie Brown would say, "Good Grief!"


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