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Maybe Number Six? or, My Kingdom for a Seat Post!

Kogswell 700C P/R frameset
Originally uploaded by jimgskoop
That photo over there shows my new Kogswell 700C P/R frame and fork. If you know me, you know that I've been waiting for this frame for a LONG time. Now that it's finally here, I still find myself casting sidelong glances at it from time to time, mentally noting YES IT'S FINALLY HERE. And if you know me, you know that many folks have started asking "Well, why haven't you built it up yet?" Legitimate question...seems there are several glitches or hurdles blocking progress in that direction. First is the obvious one:TIME. Second is that there's a small problem with the frame's alignment that I'd like to have corrected, and well a certain local framebuilder seems to have forgotten to return my call. It seems it's always one thing or another. I was going to disassemble my Fuji and use those parts on this frame...but I've ended up buying a different wheelset, and I've just realized that I've (still) got enough spare parts that I could actually get the Kogswell running without taking the other bike apart. That'd bring me (back) up to six bikes, one more than I've got room to store them, and my wife is none too happy at that prospect. The deal in getting this frame in the first place, you see, was that I promised her that the total number of visible bikes wouldn't change (the Fuji frame was to get stashed in the attic). Now I'm thinking that, well, the Fuji overall is such a nicely dialed-in package that it'd be a shame to wreck it unless/until I'm certain I've got the Kogswell functioning well enough as its replacement. And also, it'd be helpful to have the Fuji around as I'm building up the Kogswell to take position measurements off of so I could properly set up the new bars/stem/saddle. Et cetera...there are a few other rationalizations I could make, of course. At any rate, I have enough spare parts that I could build this bike up...it wouldn't be my ideal build, but it'd function: an old set of Avid Shorty 4 cantis, some thrashed Ultegra brake levers, 9spd barcons, a DX front derailler and hella old XT rear, a 9spd 11-32 cassette I got but never used, some polished Shimano Exage cranks with 24/36/46 rings -- and I just discovered that I also have the required 113mm cartridge BB in the parts bin, too. I'd use a random spare saddle for now, and I've got a set of VERY thrashed 535 SPD pedals that'd work.

The only thing I DON'T have is a seatpost. a silver, 27.2mm seatpost! (I do, however, have a bid into an Ebay auction for an appropriate post. The auction ends 3 days from now...so we'll see!)

Yesterday I walked up the street, hoping to visit Box Dog Bicycles and rummage through their used parts stash...but it turns out that they're closed for "emergency floor repairs"! UH-OH. There's another hurdle. Sheesh.

Hmm...maybe tomorrow that framebuilder will call me back. Maybe.



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