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Weak Coupla Weeks

So over Presidents' Day weekend, I took my annual ski vacation in Colorado, and had a great time as usual. Especially noteworthy was that I got to ski at Vail for the first time...Vail is really big; going from (say) Keystone to Vail was nearly as dramatic a change as crappity East-coast skiing vs. Colorado skiing!

This, of course, has nothing to do with bicycling, save for the fact that this ski-vacation weekend annually precedes the San Francisco Randonneurs 300k brevet. Last year was the first time I participated in the 300k, and I fretted quite a bit because my vacation meant that I was off the bike for a full two weeks before the ride. This year was no different. While chatting with a ski-buddy about whether or not I was going to do the ride this year, he proclaimed "why not?!?" and that struck a motivational chord in me. "Sure! Why not indeed!" I thought, resolved to try...

Sure enough, two days after returning home, I caught a bug. Whether it was the obscene germ-exchange that results from packing a few hundred people inside a pressurized, wide-body aluminum tube, or the fact that nearly everyone at my work was either getting or already out sick on my first day back, I'll never know. I was hoping that it was a 24 or 48-hour thing, but it lingered on longer than that, and I went to bed Friday night resolved to the fate that I would have to sit out this year's 300k.

As it happens, severe weather was in the forecast for the day of the ride, and as such our RBA decided to cancel/reschedule things for safety's sake. Given that the weather predicted for this year was to be worse than in 2007, I thought this was a prudent decision...AND it meant that I might have a chance to participate in the rescheduled ride, provided that this virus would vacate its host!

The ride was moved to March 1st, which is this Saturday. While my health has definitely improved, I'm still not "back to normal" whatever that means. Some days I feel better than others, but generally I'm still feeling fatigued and coughing/sneezing up chunks of green goop. So I'll have to sit out on the 300k's second chance date, which is especially annoying because the predicted weather for this weekend is sunny and clear with highs in the 60s (F)!

Damn virus, I hate and curse thee!

I've been using the more lucid moments of this down time to catch up on some bike stuff. I finally got 'round to doing the long-overdue 'bar swap on the RB-1 (removed Trek System-whatevers, added Nitto Dreams). This is especially important because I want to use the Trek 'bars on the Kogswell build...

Now I'm trying to locate a framebuilder who can/will correct the alignment glitch on the Kogswell.

And then I can finally start assembling the damn thing....maybe.



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