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It's All in the Details...

Via Ebay, I recently bought a used set of my current favorite bike pedal: Shimano's PD-M515. Not a snazzy pedal by any stretch, they work well with good float. I've ended up with them on two other bikes since I like to keep things consistent. Anyways, the pair I got looked to be in decent enough shape, but the spindles were just slightly crunchy, so I opened 'em up to re-grease and adjust the minuscule* bearings within. That went off without a hitch and now the things rotate happily, but damn -- the spindle seal is missing from the left pedal. Not a huge deal functionally, and it's ninety-nine percent certain that the Ebay seller didn't realize this. It's exactly the kind of stupid detail that I find, latch onto, and then obsess over. Maybe I can find a thin o-ring that'll fit and work?

* Did you know that the proper spelling of "miniscule" is really "minuscule"? I didn't...


Blogger C. Duque said...

Careful, the missing seal *may* a big deal if you plan to use them in dusty fire roads. Maybe one can be made from hight density foam or something like that?

* I did, minuscule just like in Spanish "minĂºsculo" ;)

2:09 PM  
Blogger Jim G said...

Carlos, that's a good point. If I can't find a substitute for this axle seal, maybe I'll just swap these pedals for the pair on my RB-1, which I never ride off-road or in foul weather.

2:29 PM  

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