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LoFi Porteur Rack

da rack
Originally uploaded by jimgskoop
I finally got around to completing my front cargo rack project...it's based on a cut-down milk crate, some bent aluminum strip, and scrap 1/2" EMT conduit. After staring at a CETMA 5-rail for far too long and obsessing over the fact that they're just won't play real nicely with drop bars (the rack ends up mounting too far away from the head tube), in a moment of clear thought I realized that a milk-crate has about the same dimensions, and since I already had one of those...and a new Stanley FatMax saw.

The neat thing is, the whole thing un/mounts to the bike just by popping off the front wheel's quick release. Because, well, you know, no one wants to be seen riding around with an orange milk-crate bolted to their ride...right?


Blogger Fxdwhl said...

Doesn't look that bad and most likely handles much better then a Cetma. I've never been a fan of their mounting system either and waited till a friend finally got around to building me rack. Very happy to ditch the mess bag.

5:04 AM  
Blogger Marrock said...

There's nothing wrong with milk crates... if it wasn't for the humble milk crate I wouldn't have had any cargo capacity on my old beater at all.

I took two, cut the bottom off one, and made it the lid for the other one.

Result: http://tinyurl.com/3bofbf

I called that the "Italian postal worker" look since it reminded me of the mailmen you used to see in old B&W movies set in europe.

8:36 AM  

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