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Been Sick.

All last week, I was sick with a chest cold and a scratchy throat. Finally near the end of that week, I started feeling better, and Carlos and I managed a nice sandwich ride on that Saturday.

Then on Sunday I started feeling sick again, and (so far) all this week, I've had a nagging cough and a(nother) scratchy throat. I'm quite tired of feeling unwell.

Not to mention, there's this sense of dread that

1) The rainy season is upon us, meaning the end of mixed-terrain riding season (and dammit, I've not received my Kogswell yet!)

2) It's getting darker earlier, which impinges upon riding in general and makes for crappity bike-commuting

3) I've got this feeling, like a bad taste in my mouth, that (unlike last year) I really haven't done that many big-epic rides this summer...so I'm really gonna pay for it come brevet season, which is only three short dark wet chilly months away.

4) Bike projects are stacking up around me right and left, but I can't get to those because of the pre-emptive stack of house projects -- anyone want to clean my chains and patch a flat? Or paint a room and waterproof a deck?

Sheesh...where did the summer go?!?



Anonymous beth h said...

Since your Kog hasn't arrived yet -- and sadly, this is a refrain I hear a lot about Kogs -- you have time and space to tackle some of the other bike-love projects, yes? In any event, the projects will wait patiently until you're ready to take them on. No stress.

Meanwhile, drink lots of hot tea and listen to your body when it tells you it's feeling a little peaked. It took me *forever* to get rid of the cough after my cold went away, a sign that I needed to listen harder.

I hope you feel better soon! Cheers --BH

5:06 PM  
Blogger Pete said...

I hear you, dude. I've got tons of stuff to do to get my bikes ready for winter, but what am I doing? Dryloc-ing the basement!

5:08 PM  
Blogger Gino Zahnd said...

I've had the exact same symptoms, and haven't ridden much at all lately.

I did a 110k ride yesterday, and felt pretty bad around 100k... lingering chest/sinus/nose burning/scratching/leaking. oy!

1:15 PM  

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