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2007.01.27 - San Francisco Randonneurs 200k Brevet

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So a couple of weekends ago, I participated in the San Francisco Randonneurs 200k Brevet. In retrospect, the thing that strikes me the most about the day is that it was fairly unremarkable, and I totally mean that in a good way...no really.

Last year it was cold, rainy, and mostly horrible. I got a flat an hour into the ride -- as a result, I ended up riding alone for most of the day, and I think I finished after 12.5 hours 2nd from last...or certainly in the last 4. This year was partly sunny and almost warm, generally dry, I had great company during the ride, no mechanical problems at all, and I finished in 9 hours and 44 minutes with daylight to spare.

Here are some photos I took during the ride.

Date: 01.27.2007
Mileage: 136
Bike: RB-1
Time: 6:30am-6:30pm (overall), 7am-4:44pm (event time)

UPDATE: A couple of weekends after this event, as I was cleaning the gunk off of my bike, I discovered that several of the drive-side spoke-holes on the rear wheel's rim had cracks radiating out from them. Yikes! Good thing that wheel didn't decide to implode while I was miles from nowhere!


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