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Chameleon Cycles #1 - Carlos' Miyata 500

OK, a couple days ago I posted about creating a secondary blog for my favorite interesting bikes. Fellow-Bontrager-Sweater-Wearin' Tarik gave me the go-ahead, and made the recommendation that I just use the new labels feature vs. creating a separate blog. So here goes...I'll try to add one of these a week (give or take) until I run out of ideas. If you've got a bike that has "evolved" for you, let me know about it and maybe I'll feature it...

Shown here is Carlos' customized Miyata Elevation 1000. It was originally sold as a rigid MTB, but now it's a commuting / touring / brevet / off-road / on-road / all-rounder sort of bike. Carlos modified things slightly with a non-stock fork, repositioned cable-housing guides, and a matt-black powdercoat with custom black reproduction "MIYATA" reflective decals. He rides this bike everywhere -- probably 200-300 miles per week -- and affectionately refers to it as "The Tank".

Although I've never ridden this bicycle, it's taught me a lot about what a bike is and can be, and continues to do so. On any given ride, it's the bike that its rider needs it to be, and that's what makes it a great Chameleon Cycle.



Blogger C. Duque said...

Oh, oh she is honored to be the first entry into this blog.

Yep I love this thing as much as my other more expensive bikes. (For me) It is ugly and beautiful at the same time, it can go anywhere and never lets me down. Together we will be doing our fifth brevet tomorrow. A practical vehicle.

All parts except cassette, chain and pedals where donated by other old bikes of mine:
xt thumbshifters in friction mode
xt 9 speed rear cassette
xt rear derraileur
dx front derrailleur
lx (98ish?)cranks
Dia Compe brake levers and V-brakes
xtr fist generation hubs
Mavic 117 rims.
Cheap 1.3 performance slicks.
Performance Topo handlebar.
Performance "L bend" barends
Performance Campus SPD/Platform pedals
A bunch of trips to "Trips for Kids" in San Rafael, CA to get the right stem.
Bunch of trips to the "Bike Hut" in San Francisco to get the right fork.

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