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Riding a different bike is sometimes like wearing the shoe on the wrong foot

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I decided to mix things up today by riding a different bike to work. Normally I commute on my Nishiki Sport single-speed, but today I rode my Fuji Cross (as pictured, minus front rack and seat bag). It's been a few months since I last rode that bike, and man was it weird!

First off, it felt TOO LIGHT. I can't remember the last time I rode a bike without at least 10lbs of gear strapped to it. Today, because everything was in my Timbuk, I didn't need anything extra on the bike except a rear blinkie and a front light. No racks, no bags, not even a waterbottle. The bike felt just FRAGILE.

Secondly, it felt REALLY TALL. I've put a few hundred miles on this bike since acquiring it last summer, and it never felt like it didn't fit. Today, for whatever cosmic reason, things seemed wrong -- like the bike's saddle was about a mile too high. Maybe my legs are shrinking?

On a positive note, this bike handles really similarly to my Nishiki Sport and it's easy to ride no-handed; it steers from the hips rather than from the handlebars, if you know what I mean...


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