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2008.01.26 -- San Francisco Randonneurs 200k Brevet

A few words and photos from the 2008 edition of the San Francisco Randonneurs 200k brevet.

Even though the predicted torrential rains never fell (which is nearly a miracle), this was a hard ride for me. My first brevet, this same ride in 2006, cost me 12.5 hours. Last year I completed the route in 9:44 in ideal conditions. This year's ride took just about 11.5 hours to complete. I made the same usual mistake of not properly pacing myself, riding too fast during the early part of the day and not conserving my strength. I know there were several riders who were behind me at the start, but who finished before me -- and that's probably because they paced themselves properly.

Unfortunately, I ended up not taking many photos on this ride, due to the fact that in the first half of the day I was wearing non-camera-friendly, unwieldy gloves, and my camera was in one of several zip-top baggies deep in the bottom of one of my jersey's pockets, underneath a couple of other layers of clothing. Read: it was near-impossible to get to.

Later in the day, I was able to unearth the trusty pencam, but by then I was too fuzzy, desperate, and plumb tuckered-out to remember to take many photos.

My ride report is intermingled with the photos I took...

Fortunately Cyclofiend took a bunch of photos!

Carlos' photos start here.

Many more at the San Francisco Randonneurs photo pool.

Mileage: ~137
Bike: ADVN
Time: 11 hours 37 minutes


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