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Fender Repair

Fender Repair by jimgskoop
Fender Repair, a photo by jimgskoop on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Snagged a stick or something on my commute home last night, which tore off the back half of my front fender. (FWIW, the SKS strut safety releases did their job!) Fortunately, I had a spare set of SKS P-45s stashed away, so replacing the front was fairly easy. I cut a good section out of the trashed fender and added it onto the front of the replacement to lengthen it under the rack. I'm not happy with the zip-tie attachment onto the rack, but I was running out of time last night, and it was all I could come up with. I should've added a threaded fender mount under the rack platform's crossmember when I built it....


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