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Favorite Bikes

Based on my mileage log for 2011 so far, it's pretty easy to see which are my favorite bikes:

Mileage per Bike
  • Nsport: 562 miles (ridden 16 times for 35.6% of yearly distance)
  • Trek400: 492 miles (ridden 10 times for 31.1% of yearly distance)
  • Kogswell: 239 miles (ridden 4 times for 15.1% of yearly distance)
  • Other: 217.5 miles (ridden 6 times for 13.8% of yearly distance)
  • Fuji: 70 miles (ridden 2 times for 4.4% of yearly distance)


Anonymous alex wetmore said...

I'm not sure that most miles ridden equals favorite bike. You can have a favorite bike, but have it be fairly specialized and not get a lot of use. Or your favorite could be a general purpose bike that can do everything, but since you own a bunch of specialized bikes the GP bike doesn't get a lot of use. It is still interesting data though.

My mountain bike gets low miles, but is a favorite because I have a lot of good memories of rides that I've done on it.

4:32 PM  

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