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Dropout Repair

Stripping PaintBare MetalBroken and BrassyImprov Dummy AxleStill Red HotThat other bit
Broken TabOld and NewFit upCloseReady to brazeFluxed
FluxedBrazedOther side.

Yesterday I brazed in a new dropout to replace the cracked original in my Nishiki commuter. T'was my first time doing this, and I l learned a bunch in the process. The result ain't too pretty, but it turned out OK -- I just had to file the dropout slot a bit to get the rear wheel to line up. I also respaced the rear of this frame to 130mm to prevent this fracture from happening again any time soon. Due to the heavy dimpling for wheel and chainring clearance, the right chainstay was REALLY easy to bend, and I overdid it drastically on the first attempt. But I revised my technique and got things spot-on. Fun times!


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