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Mini Velo

Would love to ride one of these some day!


Anonymous alex wetmore said...

I don't really get them. Minor space savings is nice, otherwise I'd rather have full size wheels.

John Speare is really excited about them though, and working on a project building one. He hasn't been able to tell me why he's excited though.

11:01 AM  
Blogger Jim G said...

Yup, agreed. I'd just like to try to ride one to see what it's like. I've briefly ridden a Dahon folder, plus a friend's 20inch-wheeled travel bike, and I'm wondering if/how similar the mini velo would be...

I think John wants one to play big-kid BMX with...which might prove interesting, but I'll let him find out and report on that. ;)

11:04 AM  
Blogger Jason said...

Jim, you are in SF, correct?

American Cyclery has a 55cm built up as shown in the picture - it actually may be the one in the picture - that I test road over the weekend. As with any tiny wheeled bike, it is kind of twitchy, but I can see the benefits if I had to commute from Oakland on BART to SF again. Smaller would be easier to maneuver in the crowded trains and stations without having to be a folder.

Also, I feel that the the best multi-modal bike is probably the Dahon Mu Uno. Single speed, coaster brake. It's cheap, small and there aren't any cables to get in the way of folding.

3:45 PM  

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