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[BOB] internet-bob@bikelist.org is no more

The end of an era...

This is the last email to the internet-bob@bikelist.org mailing list. The list has moved to internet-bob@googlegroups.com.

To continue recieving list emails you will need to join the new group. You can do that by going to one of these two links:

It's been a good decade of hosting this list, and I've been very happy to be the list admin and host during that time.

For the next couple of weeks sending email to the old list will get you an automatic reply with instructions on joining the new list. After that it will cease to operate.

Alex Wetmore

Thanks Alex!!!


Anonymous alex wetmore said...

It's awesome that I was able to host it for so long. I'm really glad that you were able to take over as list admin.

9:06 PM  

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