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2009 Wrap Up

In 2009, I rode about 3213 miles. That's less than I was hoping for, and also a bit less than I rode in 2008. However, I did participate in six brevets, which is nice, although I didn't feel up to attempting a 400k this year. Maybe this coming year...we'll see, although various vacations and the related travel plans are already stacking up against that. I completed 5 unofficial centuries, plus 8 other rides of at least 80 miles. I also attempted the mixed-terrain epic LRLR this past year, and while I didn't complete it, I did ride 100+ miles of the route, and now know what I'm up against -- I'll use that to prepare better for next year's version.

Tried-and-liked this year includes:

* Zugster Front Rando Bag + self-made decaleur
* Panaracer Pasela 700x32mm tires
* Tektro CR-720 cantilever brakes
* Dynamo hub, BB-generator + self-made LED lighting
* Volunteering at SFR controls
* Night brevets/riding at night (though on riding all night, the jury's still out)
* Charting new mixed-terrain trails/routes
* Showers Pass Double Century jacket (works great as a shell, haven't used it in rain yet)

Finally I had the pleasure of making some new friends from KOG/iBOB/Flickr and helping to infect them with the rando bug, much as had been done to/for me in 2006. Even though I don't feel especially experienced as a randonneur, it's great to be able to help others get curious and excited about the sport!

At any rate, here's the miles-per-bike breakdown, something I just started calculating, which has proved insightful:

* Kogswell: 2053 miles (ridden 22 times for 63.9% of yearly distance)
* Fuji: 796 miles (ridden 14 times for 24.8% of yearly distance)
* Bonty: 50 miles (ridden 1 times for 1.6% of yearly distance)
* ADVN: 25 miles (ridden 1 times for 0.8% of yearly distance)
* Nsport: 128 miles (ridden 8 times for 4% of yearly distance)
* RB-1: 85 miles (ridden 1 times for 2.6% of yearly distance)
* BontyRL: 50 miles (ridden 1 times for 1.6% of yearly distance)
* Trek400: 26 miles (ridden 1 times for 0.8% of yearly distance)

Which do you think is my favorite bike? ;)

Here's a recap of my thoughts at the close of 2008. Here are some fails from 2009:

* Still didn't go bike camping again
* Still love low-trail handling and hate bike shimmy, though I've come to terms with it somewhat
* Still haven't installed that low-trail conversion fork, though I am in the process of painting it and have all the needed parts
* Still haven't brazed a rack

And some successes:
* Built up the Bontrager Race Lite and sold off the Race frame
* Rode a good amount of mixed-terrain riding (including some new trails and LRLR)
* Sold off some bike parts (still need to sell more stuff, though)


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