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New Bike Storage -- Updated and Improved

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There were a few things about the Rubbermaid FastTrack bike storage system that were bugging me: namely the way the hooks were pressing into the drywall and leaving a mark, plus the way the bike's tire was deforming around the bottom rail of the bike hook. Today I spent some time to fix both of those issues, by adding a cork pad behind each bike hook, and by fabricating a short wheel tray to cradle the tire so it doesn't deform. See more details on the modifications on my Flickr stream....


Blogger Tarik Saleh said...

Ooooh, stubby wheel tray! I was going to suggest using your new tubing bender to refab the hooks to better tire shape, but I like stubby wheel tray as I am pretty sure I have never used those three words in sequence before!

8:13 PM  

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