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My next bike projects (an ever-growing list)

1) V-brakes on the Fuji, and fix up the wobbly rear wheel. MAYBE build up a new wheelset for that bike using MA-2 rims from Salim and
some forgotten and unused Nashbar/Joytech 9spd freehub hubs from my
parts stash (hey, they were free). At any rate, I might completely
unlace and rebuild the existing rear wheel, I suspect there's some
major warpage in that rim because it's impossible to come anywhere
near balanced spoke tension AND get the wheel true. And the wobble got
worse as I rode on Saturday -- not a good thing. I also need to re-wrap the bars with a double layer of tape, and I need to find a better saddle!

2) Install the Marzocchi Z2 suspension fork on the Bontrager. I should've done this already, it's an easy bit of work, but the Fuji
interrupted things.

3) Do a full parts-swap from the Vent Noir to the RB-1. I'm going to do this, and then ride the RB-1 as a 9spd STI triple-cranked bike for the rest of the year to see if that's the combo of frameset+parts I want to keep. I've always been curious to try this out, so I have to do it as part of the decision-making process. The Vent Noir will get
mothballed in the meantime.

4) Sell my Rockhopper frameset, or possibly as a complete bike.


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