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Crossbike done!

Welp, as of about 3:05am this morning, the crossbike is DONE. I even
took it for a short spin up and down my street in the late night/early
morning misty chill. Pretty cool. I still hate canti brakes but I'll
live with them for now -- I need to find a different/longer straddle
cable for the rear brake -- for whatever reason, neither of the two
sizes of link wires that came with the Avid Shortys fit my bike
well (both are too short). One is an A-type wire, the other an
S-type. I scrounged in my parts drawer and found a B-type which seems
to fit and work pretty well so I used that on the front brake, and
temporarily have an A-type on the rear brake. I also need to toe the
pads cuz they squeal a bit. I was going to ride the bike to work
today but was running late and couldn't deal with the overhead. The
bike seems pretty cool and fits great. I LOVE the fact that it fits
700x38 (actual width measure 37mm) tires AND still has tons of room
for fenders. I'm also pretty happy with the fact that I was able to get the 9spd barcon shifters to index fairly well with the 7spd Sachs freewheel -- I used a slightly-different version of the alternate cable routing trick on the rear derailleur, which seems to help quite a bit. I think the days of some of the other bikes in my stable
might be numbered...but we'll see how I like riding this thing off
road first. Photos shortly.


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