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MixTer is my new buzzword for mixed-terrain riding.

Here is Scott Clark's newly-built mixter mutt -- a fine example of a do-it-all frankenbike you can throw together on the cheap!

It reminds me a bit of the first iteration of my Nishiki Sport:

Nishiki Sport v1.0

I later added gears to this bike and once actually did attempt to ride it off road, which ended up scaring the newbejeesuz outta me, due to the craptacular brakes and way-too-high gearing I had configured at the time. Total turnoff and I wouldn't attempt to ride a drop-bar'd 700C bike off road for several more years...NOW I know that if I'd only lowered the gearing and got better brake pads, things would've been fine, and I'd be making-do with one less bike these days!

For completeness, here's my MixTer rig these days...a 2001 Fuji CX:

Fuji CX

Tell me about your mixter rig!



Blogger Schorsch said...

I approach Mixter from the other direction: dirt shading towards road. Since dirt is pretty hellish around here, I like to have something that can definitely handle the trails. I ride to the trails on the road, et voila! Mixter Monkey!

2:11 PM  

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