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Minor Shimmy Update

Just another minor data point: I discovered on my ride this past weekend that, if I grip the handlebars on the tops near the stem during a fast (~30mph) straight descent (Sausalito Lateral, down from the GGBridge into Sausalito for any locals) and go into somewhat of an aero tuck, I can get the bike to speed-wobble at will. Moving my hands to the hoods or the drops immediately stops it.

Kinda weird, kinda scary. Had me seriously lusting after alternate bikes again...


Blogger cyclofiend said...

I think you need to get rid of all your fancy-shmancy short wheelbase bikes and pony up for a Big Dummy.

10:06 PM  
Blogger Jim G said...

Believe me, "get rid of all" is a phrase that frequently rolls around in the noggin...

12:31 AM  
Blogger SprocketScientist said...

sucks to hear it Jim.
Oh, remember my shimmy problems on the Bob Jackson?

Turns out my fork crown is cracked. I don't know if that caused the incredible amounts of shimmy I got, or if the stress from the shimmying cracked the fork. So... I dont know what I'm going to do with that bike. Either try to get a replacement fork or part out the frame, sell it, and get a Surly Cross Check (which is what I really want to do).

Some people don't seem to mind the wobble, but I think it sucks.

6:31 AM  
Blogger Jim G said...

Cracked crown? Ouch! Get the Cross Check. Or, perhaps, a Rawland...

8:33 AM  

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