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It's He-ere!

At long last, the Shimano DH-3N80 is for sale in the US. Harris Cyclery has 'em for $145.95 USD.

The DH-3N80 hub supposedly approaches the performance of the SON hub at about $100 less in price.

Here's some info I gleaned from the BikeCurrent mailing list on the new hubs:

I posted:
According to this post the 3N80 is much improved over the previous
Shimano hubs... http://tinyurl.com/63t5fy


Shimano DH-3N80: 483 g
SON28: 570 g
SON20R: 385 g

>the lights-off drag is also lower

At 30 km/h in a 700c wheel the lights-off drag is:

Shimano DH-3N80: 1.8 W
SON28: 1.2 W
SON20R: 1.0 W

> not sure about the lights-on drag

At 30 km/h in a 700c wheel the lights-on drag is:

Shimano DH-3N80: 7.3 W
SON28: 6.8 W
SON20R: 5.8 W


And Andreas Oehler (from Schmidt/SON) posted:
The 3N72, LX and the new (!) Alfine hub dynamos use the same generator as
the 3N80, which is available since end of last year. The main difference
between the 3N80 and the 3 new hubs is the steel axle instead of the
aluminium axle. The new hubs also use a little different bearings and
seals. Each hub has a differnt hub-shell design. Electrical and mechanical
data are nearly identical. The 3n80 weights a little less than 485 gramms,
the new hubs are about 50-60 gamms heavier. Measured data about the 3N80
can be found here:


Measurements of the new hubs has taken place at my lab and will be
published in next issue of "Aktiv Radfahren".




Anonymous Anonymous said...

G'day Jim,

Apparently the DH-3N80 draws less current with the lights on than when they are off which suits me fine as I prefer to run the lights all the time day or night for safety/visibility reasons.

1:21 AM  

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