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More Rack Repairs

Macro #4Broken RacksYepNitto's WinkyV-O's WinkySnapped
Done BrokeThis one too.Do a little JigAmputationDrilling it outIMG_0690.JPG
New BoltLofi Lathe #1Lofi Lathe #2Lofi Lathe #3Success!IMG_0696.JPG
IMG_0697.JPGPan HeadDamnDuhAmputation by FireSilver Filler

Fixed two more racks this past weekend: a Nitto M-12 and a Velo-Orange Pass Hunter. Both had snapped-off fork-crown studs. The V-O rack was a bit tricky because it was stainless steel and TIG'd, so I had to use silver filler.


Blogger Bicycle Ryder said...

Aside from the tubing metal differences and placement of the lamp eyelets, did you see any appreciable differences in quality or design that would make one of these racks better than the other?

10:53 PM  
Blogger Jim G said...

Not really. The backstop of the V-O rack is slightly different and shorter than that of the Nitto M-12, but otherwise they're very similar. The M-12 is slightly cheaper...

2:44 PM  

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