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Darnit. Last December I bought an 8-speed XTR 12-32 cassette from the
iBOB list. I have a similar cassette on my 'cross bike and really
like the ratios it gives for mixter riding, so when the chance arose
to pick up a spare on the cheap, I figured "why not"? Now, I want to
use that cassette for the Trek 400 650B project, but I can't find it!
I know I definitely got the cassette because I have an old email where
I wrote the guy letting him know the package arrived. So I know it's
gotta be in my house somewhere! But I can't find it, and it's holding
up this project. ARGH!


Blogger Alistair said...

Jim, it's behind the couch.....

3:15 PM  

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