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Tubing Ordered and Other News

OK, I just ordered 24 feet of 5/16 x 0.035" tubing from Wicks. Asked for it in 4-foot sections. No idea what the shipping (via UPS Ground) will be...keeping fingers crossed. Wicks doesn't carry the steel strip which I'll need to make rack tabs, so I hope I can find something locally that'll work.

I actually need a front rack now, as opposed to just wanting one. I've just accepted a new job which will require me to bike+train commute daily, so I need the rack to haul my junk+laptop.

I've already installed flat bars and a Kogswell low-trail conversion fork on my Nishiki. 72 degree head angle + 64mm offset and 700x30 tires should yield about 45mm of trail and 13mm of flop. It definitely feels low-trail-ish.


I've got a couple of weeks before I start the new job. Hopefully I can build a usable rack in that timespan...? Else I'll hang my head in shame and just buy a V-O rack, I guess. I also need to finally get the guys at Box Dog to set me up with a dependable wheelset, too.


Blogger franklyn said...

I guess I will see you on the train sometimes. Soma's front rack is pretty inexpensive, and if you attach it to the fender below it's pretty stable. You will have to put a basket on top to carry stuff.

Of course building your front rack together is ideal. I just got a VO porteur rack (second) and I will give it a try.

10:46 AM  
Anonymous alex wetmore said...

I can send you some rack tabs if you like. Just send me an email with your address.

2:15 PM  
Blogger Tarik Saleh said...

Yeah, that alex guy has some rack tabs that look real nice. Congrats for having time to build the rack and the rest of it! Wooo!

2:20 PM  

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