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Alistair's Custom "Centre Pompidou" 650B Hetre Bicycle

Originally uploaded by Duncan Cycles
Alistair S. is a hobbyist-frame builder in Seattle. (Hobbyist for now, I suspect that'll change before too long...) Actually, he's a bit more than just a hobby-level builder, having worked at match bicycles for a time, learning the art and skill of bike building. For the past several months he's been designing and constructing a randonneur-style bicycle based on the 650B Hetre tire. I've been waiting with bated breath to see the completed bike...and he just posted photos of the finished product. Alistair took tons of photos documenting the entire build process -- if you're at-all curious about bicycle framebuilding, it's worth a look!

Congrats Alistair!!!


Blogger Alistair said...

Hey Jim, thanks for your kind words regarding my bike build. Sorry it took so long!
Just one thing I'd like to clear up and state for the record since I've come across this misconception before.
I had "worked" at match for 6 days when we got word that Schwinn was pulling the plug on the Paramount.I worked out the remainder of that second week and that was that so the extent of my time at match was 10 days. I did learn where the bathroom and the coffe making suppies were. I didn't do any frame building there, unless you count a few days of running a sand blaster and a die grinder.
Whatever the state of my frame building skills are they are the result of way too many hours on the frame builders list at Phred.org over the last 6 or 7 years and hundreds if not thousands of hours in my "lab" (aka my garage/shop) making tons of mistakes.
Thanks, and thanks also for all the great comments and questions you've left on my photo's. It's always good to have to think about why I did something a certain way or made a certain choice.
Cheers! Alistair.

9:18 AM  

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