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Done! (for now at least)

side view
Originally uploaded by jimgskoop
Spent most of the afternoon today wrestling, er, installing the Velo-Orange 49mm fluted-style alloy fenders on my brand-spankin' new 59x700C Kogswell. I think it's actually ready to ride, and then I get to futz with the handlebar/stem arrangements...! Click on the photo for a bunch more.



Blogger snappergrass said...

Nice, what kind of saddle is that?

2:00 PM  
Blogger Jim G said...

It's a Terry Fly Ti, my current fav saddle.

2:40 PM  
Blogger clickstop32 said...

For mudflaps, I've made some out of 1/8" thick sheet rubber available at most hardware stores. I epoxy glued one end of the flap to the fender clamping with a cork on the inside. The I through bolted the flap with a stainless steel bolt/nut. You can see some of these on this vintage Fuji Palisade I rebuilt as a randonneuse:


7:03 AM  

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