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Velocio's Seven Commandments for the Cyclist

(from http://www.randonneurs.bc.ca/history/cyclo-tourism_velocio_clifford-graves.html)

1. Keep your rests short and infrequent to maintain your rhythm.
2. Eat before you are hungry and drink before you are thirsty.
3. Never ride to the point of exhaustion where you can't eat or sleep.
4. Cover up before you are cold, peel off before you are hot.
5. Don't drink, smoke, or eat meat on tour.
6. Never force the pace, especially during the first hours.
7. Never ride just for the sake of riding.

I grok numbers 1-6, but I'm not certain about #7. Never ride without
a certain destination? Never ride without a solid purpose? What do
you think it means?


Blogger cyclofiend said...

I've pondered #7 for a few couple days now and cannot rationalize it...

Bad translation perhaps?

Certainly the antithesis of the koan which ends, "...I ride my bicycle to ride my bicycle..."

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Carlos said...

It is a case of lost in translation. The RUSA site has a more likely translation:
"7. Never pedal out of vanity, don't be a show-off"

5:05 PM  

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