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Still Gimpy

Update on the sprained knee...

I still can't walk properly and pain-free. My wife has started
calling me "Gimpy". I'm quite tired of limping around everywhere like
a cripple. I rode a bike to the UPS store in the Castro several
blocks away yesterday to ship a package, and while that took less time
than walking and certainly hurt less, it still did hurt and I ended up
pedalling mostly with my good leg. Sigh.

The meds the doc prescribed don't really seem to be doing anything.
Today I'm going to try to take 3 instead of 2, which he said I could
do if I felt I needed to.

On the brighter side, it does feel like my knee joint itself has
stopped "rattling around" and now what hurts is mostly the tendon and
muscle on the inside of my shin, directly below the knee joint.

It's gonna be another week off the bike at least. I'm HATING riding
MUNI to work -- there's just too many crazy people in SF. I've
already posted about the bus/pedestrian accident that happened while I
was riding the bus back from my doc appointment last week...since then
there's been stinky whino homeless people on the bus, or crazy
crackheads that talk to themselves or yell and scream at random people
EVERY time I've been on MUNI.

Just this morning, I was on the bus headed to work, when we pulled up
behind a stalled streetcar. Everyone got off the streetcar, and
several folks hopped onto my bus...one who then started screaming
bloody murder about "that damn arrogant MUNI driver who made everyone
get off because of one guy acting up" and then proceeded to pick a
fight with both our bus driver and another passenger. Like I need
that extra bit of stress on a Monday morning before I've had my
coffee, even...

Between crap like that, fears of getting pickpocketed (as happened to
my wife this past summer), and irratic MUNI bus drivers (hang on for
dear life!), I actually feel safer on my bike IN TRAFFIC than I do on
the bus. And we pay money for this!

Sometimes, it's a Very Good Thing that I'm not 225lbs/6'3" with a
blackbelt in karate.


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