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Rare as Hen's Teeth

Rare as Hen's Teeth
Originally uploaded by jimgskoop
Just arrived!

This here Kona P2 fork is a rare thing: a one-inch steerer, old-school suspension corrected (~413mm axle-to-crown) rigid MTB fork. Should be the bee's knees on my Bontrager Race Lite.

Unexpectedly this thing features lowrider braze-ons, which I think is kinda funny on a MTB fork. No doubt I'll find a use for them someday (light mounts for LRLR?)...

Only cost $60, which is about a quarter the cost of other options (Vicious Cycles or custom). Admittedly this fork might be a bit heavier than those at 980 grams, but it'll be a hell of a lot lighter than the Marzocchi Z2 it'll replace, and the cost difference is huge.

Thank you Bikeman for getting Kona to make more of these!



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