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Bikes Don't Float

Hip-Deep Water
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This water is much deeper than it might first appear. Especially when you are trying to ride through it. And then you miss the curb cut, and end up precariously close to snagging your front wheel on the sewer grate. Which forces you to panic stop. And then you can't get your damn foot unclipped from the pedal. And you fall over, directly into the water, landing on your right hip. The water entirely covered my right hip and leg, right arm, and most of the bike's drive train. So yeah, it is deep! Fortunately most of me dried out within the next few hours, save for my right shoe, which remained squishy throughout the ride.

For all the crap I carry along on rides, I was very thankful to have a 2nd pair of gloves. But I really wanted a dry pair of socks!


Blogger rob hawks said...


Your's is one in a series of crashes and falls. Glad for your sake you didn't hurt yourself. Funny that I passed that spot twice that same day and the path was wet but not under water each time. I'm going to have to scope out the tide charts before the Two Rock 200km.

11:36 AM  

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