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Whooda Thunkit?

As a bona-fide bike-junkie I love me the bike porn! One great place to find lotsa lotsa porn is, of course, the Ebay. I like to reinforce the coveting of my bicycles by looking for auctions of similar bikes...living vicariously through others' covetings, so-to-speak. Since I own a 1993 Bridgestone RB-1/7, this is one bike I keep tabs on on the 'bay. Recently there have been a slew of RB-1s for sale, which is somewhat unusual. Two of these auctions stand out:

First, someone sold a NOS 1994 RB-1 frameset, which went for a whopping $710.01! Yeah, the RB-1 is a nice-riding bike, but when you can buy an excellent new frame that is nicer looking and more versatile to boot for about that same price and with a warranty, why bother?

The second auction is a 1992 RB-1 bicycle in "near-mint condition" that sold for $800. Yeah, that's EIGHT HUNDRED US DOLLARS, not including the extra $75 for shipping. Now, my '93 RB-1/7 is in "near mint condition" as well, and I bought it during the BOB-only inventory blow-out sale B'stone held during their last summer before closing the US office in late 1994. I paid $675 for it during that sale. Could I sell my bike for $800 -- more than what I paid for it?

Whooda Thunkit?!?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would sell that puppy and buy the "excellent new frame that is nicer looking and more versatile to boot" you speak of. If you think that is a better frame you probably will be happier with it. But of course, it is a lot easier for me to say sell! sell! when I am not the owner :)

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